Clinical Manifestations of Periodontal Tissue Diseases in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Who Live in Anthropogenically Loaded Areas


generalized periodontitis
rheumatoid arthritis
anthropogenically loaded areas


The objective of the study is to clinically assess the condition of periodontal tissues in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, living in anthropogenically loaded and environmentally friendly areas and in people with generalized periodontitis without concomitant somatic diseases.

Materials and methods. There were examined 137 patients, including 82 patients with generalized periodontitis of the I degree (subgroups A) and the II degree (subgroups B) with rheumatoid arthritis, living in anthropogenically loaded areas (group I), environmentally friendly areas (group II) and without concomitant somatic diseases living in environmentally friendly areas (group III). Control group – included 18 healthy people.

Periodontal tissues were evaluated according to the indices: Greene-Vermillion, PMA, periodontal index offered by Russel and the depth of periodontal pockets. 

Results. Women (80%) dominated in each group, patients with generalized periodontitis of the II degree of severity dominated, too.

 The highest depth of periodontal pockets was 5.02±0.11 mm in the IB subgroup and differed significantly from this figure in the IIB subgroup 1.07-fold (pIB-IIB<0.05) and from that in the IIIB subgroup 1.2-fold (pIB-IIIB<0.001). The value of the Greene-Vermilion index in patients with GP of the I degree of development in all subgroups A corresponded to “unsatisfactory”. In patients with GP of the II degree of development, the state of hygiene corresponded to “bad” in subgroups IB, IIB and was 3.04±0.11 points (pIB-IIB˂0.01, pIB-IIIB˂0.001, pIB-K˂0.001); 2,63 ± 0.07 points (pIIB-IB˂0.01, pIIB-IIIB˂0.001, pIIB-K˂0.001), in ІІІB – “unsatisfactory”. According to the indicators of the PMA index in patients with GP of the I degree of severity, we’ve found the average severity degree of gingivitis (within the range of 43.25±2.02 – 48.06±1.46%) and severe degree of gingivitis in patients with the GP of the II degree >50 %. The highest indicator of periodontal index was found in the IB subgroup – 6.16±0.10 points (pIB-IIB˂0.01, pIB-IIIB˂0.001, pIB-K˂0.001), which indicated a severe form of periodontitis.

Conclusion. Most often, GP in patients with RA was diagnosed in women, most of whom were patients with GP of the II degree (most in group I – 69.04%). The highest depth of periodontal pockets was 5.02±0.11 mm in the IB subgroup. The performed clinical and index assessment of periodontal tissues in patients of three groups indicates a more severe course of GP of the I and II degree in patients with rheumatoid arthritis living in anthropogenically loaded areas (IA, IB subgroups).


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