Vol 25 No 3 (2018)

Research Article

Arsen Melnychuk
The Experience of Studying the State of Occlusal Relations in Patients with Generalized Periodontitis Who Require Orthopedic Treatment with Non-Removable Structures Using the “T-Scan system”
Oksana Humeniuk, Mykola Stanislavchuk, Nataliia Zaichko
Special peculiarities of clinical course of osteoarthrosis of knee joints depending on 6-hydroxymelatonin-sulfate urinary excretion profile
Imran Nazir Salroo, Nasir Ahmad Lone, Musharaf Bashir
Thyroid Volume and Doppler Indices of the Inferior Thyroid Artery in Clinically Euthyroid Adults in Kashmir
Khrystyna Oleksyn, Mykola Rozhko
Prevalence of Dental Caries Among Young People Living in the Regions with Low Fluoride Levels
Lidiya Cherkashyna
Area of Competence of Primary Healthcare Specialists in the Implementation of Person-Centered Programs of Educational and Behavior Modification in Chronic Dermatoses
Marta Dzhus
Remission and Active Disease in Young Adult Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis During the Transition Period from Paediatric to Adult Healthcare
Bogdan Genyk
Recommendations for the Use of Removable Dentures in Patients with Acantholytic Pemphigus and their Evaluation
Iryna Yarmoshuk
Biochemical Changes under the Influence of Comprehensive Treatment of Patients with Generalized Periodontitis and Osteopenia
Tetiana Pavliuk, Mukola Rozhko, Oksana Panchak
Evaluation of Periodontal Tissues Condition in Undergraduate Medical Students with Different Anxiety Levels


Ihor Kobza, Irena Nesterenko, Volodimir Nesterenko
Diagnostic and Treatment Approach in Case of Aorta Mesenteric Clamp

Short Report

Omar Mourafiq, Abdelmoughit Echchaoui, Bouchaib Chafri, Ahmed Salim Bouabid, Driss Benchebba, Moustapha Boussouga
Management of Necrotizing Fasciitis Following Human Bite on the Upper Limb