Innovative Approaches to Teaching Professionally Oriented Disciplines “Organization and Economics of Pharmacy”, “Management and Marketing in Pharmacy”

Oleg Samborskyi


The article presents pedagogical innovations in teaching professionally oriented disciplines “Organization and Economics of Pharmacy”, “Management and Marketing in Pharmacy” at the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy and Technology of Drugs of the Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, namely: innovative approaches to practical classes with the elements of business games, training in mini-groups, problematic question discussion; extraordinary defense of term papers and the 4-step monitoring of knowledge, abilities and skills required for future pharmacy professionals. The outlined innovations of classroom interactive training are aimed at involving the entire academic group of students in group discussions, teaching them to substantiate their thoughts, developing the abilities to make joint management decisions and bear responsibility for their fulfillment – these are the qualities, which are constantly improving when studying the disciplines “Organization and Economics of Pharmacy”, “Management and Marketing in Pharmacy”.


pedagogical technologies; occupational training of future pharmacy professionals; professionally oriented disciplines; organization and economics of pharmacy; management and marketing in pharmacy; interactive technologies

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