Influence of Glucosaminilemuramylpentapeptide on the Functional Peculiarities of the Respiratory System and the Dynamics of IL-6 in Patients with Infiltrative Tuberculosis Combined with Chronic Bronchitis

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infiltrative tuberculosis
chronic bronchitis
bronchoalveolar content


The aim of our study was to evaluate the functional peculiarities of the respiratory system and the dynamics of IL-6 in patients with infiltrative tuberculosis combined with chronic bronchitis.Materials and methods. There were examined 40 patients with infiltrative tuberculosis combined with chronic bronchitis: 18 patients receiving basic therapy according to the category and 22 patients who were added glucosaminilemuramylpentapeptide to basic therapy. Determination of IL-6 in bronchoalveolar content was performed by ELISA analysis.Results. The additional inclusion of glucosaminilemuramylpentapeptide into the complex therapy of patients with infiltrative tuberculosis combined with chronic bronchitis in acute phase manifests itself with positively aimed dynamic changes of the bronchial mucous membrane according to the data of endoscopy. The standard scheme of treatment combined with immune modulator affects the recovery of lung function in comorbidity of pathologies explaining it as the action of the means aimed at enhancing of sanogenetic mechanisms of liquidation of combination of specific and nonspecific inflammation in the broncho-pulmonary system, and thus – the reduction of the basis for secondary bronchial obstruction. The results of this study indicate the advisability of administration of immune modulator of muramylpeptide series.


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