Combined treatment of acute deep vein thrombosis of the lower limbs

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deep vein thrombosis
regional thrombolytic therapy
combined treatm ent


The article represents the combined treatment results analysis of 50 patients with deep vein thromboses of inferior vena cava system. The complex clinical and instrumental examination of patients included duplex ultrasound scan, X-ray phlebography, multislice computed tomography with intravenous contrast and radionuclide fleboscintigrahpy. All patients were performed the regional thrombolytic therapy, combined with an open palliative thrombectomy in 19 (38%) patients and endovascular implantation of a temporary or constant cava-filter in 31 (62%) patients. In postoperative period for 12 months’ monitoring the local and general complications after combined treatment were found in 4 (8.0%) out of 50 patients, who were performed the combined treatment.


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