Some Aspects of Management of Patients with Defective Scars of Breast with Chronic Inflammatory Fibrocystic Mastopathy and Sector Resections In Anamnesis

Gordiy Olegovych Rybchynsky


This publication describes the main reasons and some aspects of breast defective scar appearance and explains the comprehensive impact of risk factors leading to their appearance. Some examples of minimum invasive treatment of defective scars using the author’s own method of treatment as well as the way of patients’ management after surgical treatment of defective scars or after breast sector resection aimed at prevention of defective scars recurrence are provided. The importance and topicality of esthetic factor in patients with fibrocystic disease of breast with chronic inflammatory component including untreated one are highlighted.


treatment defective scars; mammary gland; keloid scars; hypertrophic scars; defective scar pathogenesis; mammary gland surgery; inherited defective scars; chronic fibrocystic mastopathy; inflammatory lacteal cyst; mastitis

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