Assessment of Parents’ Satisfaction with Quality of Nephrology Care for Children at the Regional Level (Social Research)


quality of medical care
satisfaction with medical care
nephrological pathology
sociological survey


Assessment of the medical care quality involves determining the compliance of the medical care with established standards, expectations and needs of individual patients and populations, expectations and needs of certain patients and population groups.The objective of the research was to analyze parents’ satisfaction with the quality of specialized nephrological care for children in Chernivtsi region. Information-analytical and statistical methods were used in the research.The study of parents’ satisfaction with the quality of specialized nephrological care for children with nephrological pathology showed that the majority of respondents (92%) were satisfied with the quality of the provided medical (nephrological) care in Chernivtsi region. The research will enable implementing reasoned management decisions regarding the improvement of the quality of specialized nephrological care for children, developing activities aimed at health gain and prevention of this pathology among the children’s population at the regional level.


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