Efficacy of Clinical Application of Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes: Comparative Ultrastructural Analysis of Gingival Epithelium at Different Stages of Treatment of Patients with Generalized Periodontitis


generalized periodontitis
ultrastructural morphology


On the basis of comparative ultrastructural analysis of the gingival mucosa (GM) before and during the stages of clinical application of phosphatidylcholine liposome there was revealed that the basal layer of the epithelium was relatively expanded and represented by cells that preserved the structure typical for normal mucous membrane. It indicated an increase in reparative potential of this layer filled with cambial cells to restore epithelial integrity. In the stratum spinosum cells were more distinctly joined to each other with desmosomes that provided the integrity of the connections between cells and maintenance of barrier properties of the epithelium; in the stratum granulosum complete recovery of cells was not observed, however, the structure of most keratinocytes resembled the normal one. The efficacy of using advanced therapeutic dental complex (TDC) (deposition of egg phosphatidylcholine liposomes (EPCL) by means of infiltrative injections and periodontal bandage) was also indicated by an increase in functional activity of gingival epithelial cells: the presence of large functional nucleoli in the nuclei of euchromatin which predominates over heterochromatin reflecting the activation of the RNA and protein biosynthesis on the background of the expansion of the nuclear pores as morphological equivalent of the intensification of the nuclear-cytoplasmic transport process. 


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