Improvement of Diagnostic Process in Case of Damage to Coronal Portions of Front Teeth


hard tissue defects
orthopedic treatment


Defects of dental crowns of different origins are the earliest and the most common form of dentoalveolar injury. Methods of treatment depend on the size and location of the defect. The work is aimed at improving the methods for determining the amount of defects in dental hard tissues in the frontal area, that will help develop an index of the destruction of coronal portion of front teeth.The objective of the research was to optimize the diagnostic process in treatment of damaged coronal portions of frontal teeth developing the methods for determining the amount of defects in dental hard tissues in the frontal area.Materials and methods. We conducted experimental research of defects of dental hard tissues of different size and location on diagnostic models and 20 extracted teeth with preserved coronal portion.Results. When researching diagnostic models, we determined the volumetric percentage ratio of dental defects to the volume of dental crown in different defects of front teeth.Conclusions. Methods of determining the amount of hard tissue defects in front teeth placing creamy substance on the model of investigated teeth or front teeth impressions using insulin syringe will allow us to make a correct detailed diagnosis in case of damage to coronal portion of front teeth and monitor the reasonableness of orthopedic treatment.


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