Ultrastructure of Mineral of the Lower Incisor Dentin in Rats after 60-Day Sodium Glutamate Intake and Exposure to Ionizing Radiation


lower incisor
sodium glutamate
ionizing radiation


In the study we investigated ultrastructure of mineral of the lower incisor dentin in 240 male rats with initial body weight of 180-210 grams during 60-day sodium glutamate (SG) intake and exposure to ionizing radiation (IR) and their combined action. Sodium glutamate intake during 60 days in a dose of 30 mg per kg of body weight resulted in instability of crystal lattice of dentin mineral. Lattice gradually restored after the 15th day of observation. Exposure to ionizing radiation during 60 days (4 sessions, 4 Gy in total) also resulted in instability of crystal lattice, which persisted up to the 30th day of observation though restoration was insignificant. Combined action of SG and IR affected crystal lattice to a greater extent than those two taken apart and crystal lattice failed to restore in this case. Application of Spirulina in a dose of 250 mg per kg of body weight reduced negative effects of SG and IR on crystal lattice of dentin mineral of the lower incisor. Restoration of crystal lattice (i.e. order degree increase and widening of exchange area) was also faster yet correction efficiency for combined influences was lower than for separate influences.


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