Features of Clinical Reasoning and Skills Formation in Curation of Medical Patients during Practical Classes in Outpatietn Practical Training of the Fifth Year Students in Terms of Credite-Modular System of Education


medical practical training
clinical thinking


The article presents the experience of qualitative organization and realization of medical practice for the fifth-year students of medical department according to the recommendations of the Bologna Declaration at the Department of Internal Medicine №2 and Nursing of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University. Importance of constant cooperation between practical training supervisors and students is showed. During thir cooperation primary skills level is evaluated, task for their consolidation and development is put. In the end there is final control of performance level having a significant role for next stage, namely the integration of knowledge and skills, individual profound patients’ examination and treatment, and direct preparation for State Final Certification. Students have practical training during the semester, which is significant as theu work with the department staff more closely in such case. 


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