Main Problems of Teaching Pediatric Immunology at the Department of Children Diseases of Postgraduate Medical Education Faculty


pediatric immunology
postgraduate education
primary immunodeficiencies


Learning the basics of pediatric immunology at the Department of Children Diseases of Postgraduate Medical Education Faculty is of great importance for both interns and medical students attending pre-certification courses and thematic advanced training. This branch of medicine is not only deeply intertwined with the other somatic pathologies such as allergology, neurology, infectious diseases but has its own unsolved problems. In recent years, Ukrainian doctors have been eager “to stimulate” the immune system that is inadmissible in pediatrics according to evidence-based medicine. A significant part of pediatricians’ work includes detecting children with primary immunodeficiency symptoms and referring them to pediatric immunologist. At the Department of Children Diseases of Postgraduate Medical Education Faculty we use different methods such as “brainstorming”, “true/false statements”, and “aquarium” in order to highlight issues relating to immunoprophylaxis. It allows us to explode different myths existing in pediatric immunology using research works. Having analyzed students’ knowledge concerning the serodiagnosis we found that there is a need to highlight a specific theme - antiinfection immunity. Thus, pediatric immunology is rather difficult and interesting branch of pediatrics. The ability to deliver the training material to learners effectively is the starting level of solution of a range of topical issues.


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