Features of Statistical Data Processing of the Timing Measurement of Duration of Dental Prostheses Manufacturing at Rationing Labor Specialists in Dentistry


the random variable
the statistical processing
dental prostheses
Gauss’ law


Clinical and dentitechnical steps of dental prostheses manufacturing, including the use of dental implants, have the signs of the nonlinear deterministic system, which process of functioning does not necessarily include a finding of a random variable, as a result of timing, as well as its distribution law (Gauss’ law). Thus, for the statistical analysis of the results of the timing measurements there is no necessity to find the standard deviation of the arithmetic mean value. The article, on the basis of the analysis data of the timing measurement of duration of 24 modern dental prostheses manufacturing, shows a functional dependence graph which captures the relationship among the duration of the technological process of manufacturing of the same type of dental prostheses and the number of investigated elements in the structure of the prosthesis (according to the method suggested by V.A. Labunets). 


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