The Medico-Social Peculiarities of Health Condition of Primary School Pupils


The aim of the research is to assess the main medico-social peculiarities of health condition of primary school pupils in Lviv and Lviv region and its dynamics within the last years. Materials and methods of research. To conduct the analysis we used the data, which are the result of the health condition monitoring of primary school pupils in 2002 (1430 primary school pupils in Lviv city), and in 2012 (4041 primary school pupils in Lviv city and 1650 primary school pupils, citizens of 4 regions of Lviv oblast). Additionally we have taken into account the data, collected within the dynamic 2-years observation of primary school pupils of four schools in Lviv city (427 children). The frequency and main risk factors of deterioration of health condition emerged in children, school disadaptation syndrome. Results and discussion. It is defined that among the factors that contribute to children’s health deterioration the important role plays pupil workload, social risk factors, behavioral characteristics of child life that evokes the rapid development of dіsadaptation syndrome, deterioration of health condition of a child. Conclusions. The complex approach to the health condition assessment of a child is suggested, as well as new methods of clinical supervision that enables the improvement of health condition of pupils. The screening questionnaire of pupils resulted in defining of risk groups for the further profound research.


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