Changes in the Structure of the Gallbladder Wall in Patients with Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis with Concomitant Diabetes Mellitus


chronic calculous cholecystitis
diabetes mellitus


According to modern international research data epithelium of the gallbladder wall is involved in the formation of bile components. Gallbladder disease is accompanied by certain structural changes in its wall. We made morphological investigation of the gallbladder in 44 patients with chronic calculous cholecystitis (Group I) and 45 patients with chronic calculous cholecystitis with co-existent diabetes mellitus (Group II) to find out the pathomorphological peculiarities of the gallbladder wall. We found out that in patients with chronic calculous cholecystitis with co-existent diabetes mellitus total necrosis of the organ occurred more frequently (33.3%) compared to patients with chronic calculous cholecystitis (13.6%). During the investigation of the gallbladder in patients of Group II we found out the signs of the inflammatory process, sclerosis, mucosal infiltration with xanthome cells, decreased secretory activity of the mucosal epithelium, and a tendency to a decrease in the size of the gallbladder (р<0.05) due to sclerosis. In patients of Group I the increase in the thickness of the gallbladder due to hyperplasia of the mucosa and hypertrophy of the muscle membrane was observed. In patients of Group II numerous concrements in the gallbladder were observed more often compared to patients of Group I.


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