Features of Evaluation of the Six-Minute Walk Test Results in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure on the Basis of Hypertension with Metabolic Syndrome Signs


six-minute walk test
heart failure
metabolic syndrome X


The six-minute walk test (6MWT) highly correlates with results of bicycle ergometry and treadmill as it is used for evaluation of physical activity in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF). In this article performance of the work done and capacity at 6MWT were evaluated in patients with heart failure caused by hypertension with signs of metabolic syndrome. Patients of the studied groups, despite the smaller distance walked, performed significantly (p<0.05) more work with more capacity compared to the control group. Lower results of distance walked during 6MWT were typical for patients with higher FC CHF. With the growth of FC CHF performance and capacity indicators were significantly lower, and the difference was significant between contiguous functional classes, unlike the covered distance. The capacity and performance indicators defined during six-minute walk test in patients with metabolic syndrome signs are more sensitive for the diagnosis of cretain FC in the treatment of heart failure compared to the isolated determination of walked distance.


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