Morphofunctional Features of Pancreatic Islets Structure in Three Months Old Rats and Their Alteration during the Tenth Week of Experimental Type 1Diabetes Mellitus


B cells
pancreatic islet


Specific alterations of pancreatic islets in rats at the age of 3 months during the 10th week of experimental diabetes mellitus were studied using histological and submicroscopic research methods. Received data was evaluated by parametric and non-parametric statistical methods.In diabetes there were significant changes in pancreatic islets parenchyma of pancreas; nuclei altered ultrastructurally in existing B cells. Nuclei were small; they had indistinct boundaries due to perinuclear space disappearance, a large amount of condensed chromatin which comprised a significant number of small vesicles. Composition of condensed chromatin depended on the number of secretory granules in cytoplasm – the more granules there were, the more condensed chromatin and smaller the nucleus were detected.So, streptozotocin causes irreversible changes in pancreatic islets of pancreas; their cellular composition decreases up to 21 per cent mainly due to the reduce in B cells number. In addition, the existing cells alter by improving their functional activity.


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