Characteristics of Polymorphic Variants of Nfκb1 Transcription Nuclear Factor as Predictors of Generalized Periodontitis Development


nuclear transcription factor


The paper considers the findings of molecular-genetic studies of pathogenetic mechanisms of the onset of periodontal tissues inflammatory diseases due to polymorphism of nuclear transcription factor NF-kB1, which controls the genes expression of immune response, apoptosis and the cell cycle. The obtained data enable to state that certain polymorphic variants of NF-kB1 gene facilitate the formation of the risk groups for generalized periodontitis disease. Individuals with (Del/Del) genotype are recommended to be provided with regular medical check-up. Individuals with NF-kB1 (Del/Ins) polymorphic variant constitute a risk group in case of bad habits and related somatic pathology and are predictors for the development of induced periodontitis associated with  vascular disorders of the own gingival plate. Individuals with NF-kB1 (Ins/Ins) polymorphic variant constitute a risk group in case of adverse impact of local factors and apparent dentoalveolar deformations and anomalies.The suggested distribution of polymorphic variants facilitates the prediction and timely prevention of generalized periodontitis onset. 


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