The State of Prosthetic Bed Mucous Membrane and Periodontium of Abutment and Preserved Teeth in Conditions of Considerable and Total Loss of Teeth and Use of Removable Dentures


mucous membrane
oral cavity
prosthetic bed
inflammatory process


The paper deals with the study of impact of considerable loss of teeth and long-term use of removable dentures on mucous membrane of prosthetic bed and periodontium of abutment and preserved teeth, and also impact on the appearance and course of inflammatory processes in these parts. Materials and research methods: the patients of Dentistry Centre of IFNMU clinic (105 people  from 45 to 70 years old) with considerable and total loss of teeth, treated by the removable dentures, were the objects of the research.Results: it has been ascertained that considerable loss of teeth influences negatively the state of mucous membrane of toothless part of jaw and causes the development and progress of the inflammatory processes both on the surface of mucous membrane and periodontium of  abutment and preserved teeth. The treatment of such patients by the removable dentures leads to the improvement of microcirculatory and microbiotic processes in part of the prosthetic bed, reduction or complete disappearance of inflammation.Conclusions: the prolonged use of the removable dentures (3 or more years) without proper timely correction causes the trauma of the prosthetic bed and periodontium of  abutment and preserved teeth, the disturbance of drainage processes  under dentures and as result the development of frequently serious forms of inflammatory process with ulcerations, hemorrhages and spots on surface of mucous membrane, progressing proliferative and hypertrophic processes  both in part of the prosthetic bed and in periodontium of  abutment and preserved teeth.


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