The Peculiarities of Preparing the Marginal Gingiva in Orthopedic Treatment of Damaged Tooth Root Part with Stump Inlay


marginal gingiva
dental laser
damaged tooth part
stump inlay


The article presents the method of laser preparation of the marginal gingiva in restoring the damaged tooth root part with a stump inlay. Thus, the necessity of performing the marginal gingiva correction appears in 80% of cases after the restoration of a tooth stump with a unit-cast metal inlay with dowel or any of its type (e.g. an inlay cut out of zirconium dioxide). Hypertrophic overgrowth of the marginal epithelium in combination with necrotic granulation tissue distort the harmonious line of the marginal gingiva and make it impossible to get an impression of good quality and the result is the violation of marginal abutting of inlay and crown carcass onto a shoulder. As far as it is known, marginal abutting of crowns is recognized nowadays as one of the factors determining the duration of use of an orthopedic construction by a patient.We have developed a method, which presupposes conducting minimally invasive laser coagulation of pathologically modified marginal gingiva tissues around the damaged tooth root part during its restoration with a stump inlay before the procedure of double impression taking. This method facilitates disinfection of periodontal pocket and a clear gingival retraction before taking impressions in case of making a stump inlay and a temporary crown.


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