Complex Treatment of Patients with Generalized Periodontitis with a Shallow Vestibule of the Mouth


generalized periodontitis
shallow vestibule of the mouth
complex treatment


Today the surgical correction of pathological structure of the vestibule of the mouth is one of the modern methods of periodontal tissue with shallow vestibule of mouth complex treatment. The objective of the research was to improve the efficiency of complex treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis with the shallow vestibule of the mouth by improving the methods of vestibuloplasty and using the vulnerary quercetin in the postoperative period. 85 patients with generalized periodontitis with shallow vestibule of the mouth were examined and treated. All patients were divided into 2 groups. Patients of the first group (42 people) had their vestibuloplasty performed according to Hrudyanov A.I. (2006). Patients of the second group (43 people) underwent vestibuloplasty developed by us in which a number of technological moments were improved. An important element of intervention was the placement and fixation of free mucosal transplants taken from the palate by stitches into the area of horizontal sections near the premolars. Patients with generalized periodontitis of both groups in the postoperative period were prescribed vulnerary quercetin.The results of the research show that our proposed use of vestibuloplasty using free mucosal transplants in treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis with shallow vestibule of the mouth provides significant improvement of clinical treatment efficiency. The most important results of our vestibuloplasty operations included the restoration of the vestibule of the mouth normal depth, elimination of the chronic injury in the vestibule area of the mouth, normalization of blood supply to the periodontal tissues, restoration of mucosa structure of periodontal tissues at the cellular level, normalization of functioning of fibroblasts of vestibule mucous membrane of the mouth.Applying vestibuloplasty using free mucosal transplants and vulnerary quercetin in postoperative period, complex treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis with shallow vestibule of the mouth demonstrates significantly higher treatment efficiency compared to vestibuloplasty when operating wound heals by secondary intention according to clinical and laboratory parameters, cytological, morphological features of mucous membrane of vestibule of the mouth and radiographic, ultrasound characteristics of jaw bones in the early and long-term periods after treatment. 


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