Pathogenetic Bases of Actovegin’s and Sambucus Nigra’s Administration at the Complex Treatment of the Elderly Patients with Non-obstructive Chronic Bronchitis and the Concomitant Multisystemic Diseases


Sambucus nigra
the elderly patients
non-obstructive chronic bronchitis
concomitant multisystemic diseases


The elderly patients usually have the multisystemic diseases. Combination of Actovegin (which increases the quantity of synapses) and Sambucus nigra ( which is rich in choline, the sourse of acetylcholine), levels the vegetative imbalance, treats the patients with chronic bronchitis exacerbation (diaphoretic, mucolytic, expectorant, antiinflammatory effects) and the concomitant diseases, stimulates the cognitive functions, delays ageing, improves the quality of life.


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