Practical Training: Comparative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry Specialists’ Training


pharmaceutical industry
practical skills
practical training


Training of pharmaceutical industry specialists is conducted in medical (pharmaceutical) and technical higher educational establishment. The training of the professionals in some fields should be based on the complex approach to theoretical and practical parts of the curriculum. Hence, the objective of this study was to compare the curriculum for specialist training with a specialization in “Pharmacy” and methodological basis of practical training organization and implementation in medical/pharmaceutical and technical universities.The types of practical training, their duration, correlation between number of practical training hours and the complete number of study load and practical training schedule for students of medical/pharmaceutical and technical universities were analyzed.Analysis of practical training in medical universities has established that some practical training processes have propedeutic character and are implemented according to the curriculum before the theoretical learning of the subject by students. Practical training evaluation in technical universities has established that none of the practical training processes has propedeutic character and practical training is conducted only one academic year after the theoretical learning of the subject. In addition, practical training in technical universities is complex and includes students’ practice at pharmaceutical factory.Thus, a comparative analysis of the curriculum, methodological basis of practical training organization and implementation in medical/pharmaceutical and technical universities has been conducted. 


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