Changes in Functional State of Cardiovascular and Respiratory System when Using Lazer Therapy in Complex Treatment of Patients with Arterial Hypertension along with a Co-Occurring COPD


chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
functional diagnostics
drug therapy
laser therapy


65 patients with arterial hypertension (AH) along with a co-occurring chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were examined. They were divided into two treatment groups: the first group received only drug therapy (DT) that included verapamil and sydnofarm (DT-1), the second group received additional laser therapy (DT - 2). Arterial hypertension in patients with COPD was characterized by increased hypertension load mainly at night with exaggerated type and inadequate nocturnal BP decrease (“non-dipper” and “night-picker”). Both speed and volume parameters of the function of external respiration were changed in case of combining COPD and AH. According to echocardiographic parameters patients with COPD along with a co-occurring AH developed concentric hypertrophy, infraction of diastolic function while maintaining systolic against a background of high heart rate, and increased variability of blood pressure. It was the maladaptive cardiac remodeling. We concluded that it is advisable to use antihypertensive drugs of the group of slow calcium channel antagonists (verapamil) and venous vasodilators (sydnofarm) in patients with COPD along with a co-occurring AH. Complex treatment in combination with the low intensity laser radiation (LILR) led to improvement of the most parameters of the function of external respiration that was combined with the positive changes in subjective data, BP profile echocardiographic parameters. The complex of drug and non-drug types of therapy for patients with hypertension along with a co-occurring COPD which includes verapamil, sydnofarm and the LILR is adequate in terms of improving the quality of patient’s life.


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