Features of the State of Periodontal Tissues in Patients Suffering from Generalized Periodontitis and Chronic Chlamydia Infection Based on the Clinical and Instrumental Investigations


generalized periodontitis
clinical examination
chlamydia infection


The clinical features of generalized periodontitis (GP) were found in patients with concomitant chronic chlamydia infection. The profound clinical and instrumental examination was conducted among the patients with GP of I and II stages of chronic development. To evaluate the state of periodontal tissues a detailed examination was performed, the depth of periodontal pockets and the nature of fluid in periodontal pockets were also determined. To study the intensity and the spread of pathological process in the periodontal tissues the number of indexes was used: Sulcus Bleeding Index (SBI) by Muhlemann, papillary-marginal-alveolar index (РМА), PDI by Ramfjord, and Simplified Oral Hygiene Index (OHI-S). Intraoral contact X-rays, digital radiography and orthopantomography were used to scan the bone tissue. The changes in the tissue structures of jaws, changes of the apices of interalveolar septa, state of cortical plates, the destructive changes of interalveolar septa and their height were being determined. Taking into account the results of clinical and instrumental examination of patients it was defined that the presence of chronic chlamydia infection promotes a great damage of periodontal tissues.More distinct lesion is confirmed by the prevalence of symptomatic hypertrophic and ulcerative gingivitis with seropurulent exudate and purulent exudate in periodontal pockets, with greater depth of periodontal pockets and higher numbers of SBI and PMA.


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