The Students’ Scientific Circle in Pediatric Dentistry as a Form of Students’ Research Work at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University


research work of student
student’s scientific circle
pediatric therapeutic dentistry


Participation in the activity of scientific circle is one of the forms of students’ research work. The leader should  not only interpret the science and serve as a data carrier, but he should be able to organize systemic individual activity of the future scientists. Constant active search for opportunities to improve the quality of educational process in order to train highly qualified dental specialists is conducted according to the credit-module system. As scientific circle is one of the most important means of forming of such specialist the students' scientific circle in pediatric dentistry was established at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. It is an alternative form of education and training of the future pediatric dentist. The scientific research is carried in different directions, scientific circles of different departments cooperate with each other, the results of  research works are discussed at the meetings and conferences. The work of the SRG influence not only mastering of the specialty and theoretical knowledge, but also development of scientific erudition of the future professionals. It contributes not only to mastering the specialty but development of scientific knowledge. It is considered to be an alternative form of education and training of the future pediatric dentist.


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