Effect of L-arginine on Blood Pressure Profile and Bronchial Patency in Patients with Hypertension Complicated by Pulmonary Hypertension of Bronchopulmonary Origin


chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
pulmonary hypertension


The article deals with the problem of peripheral hemodynamics adjustment to the systemic and pulmonary circulation, circadian blood pressure (BP) profiles and respiratory ventilation in patients with stage 2 hypertension, complicated by obstructive pulmonary disease, with the use of L-arginine that is exogenous source of nitric oxide. Materials and methods. We observed 100 patients with stage 2 hypertension (the 2nd and 3rd degree) including 80 patients with hypertension, complicated by stage 2 pulmonary hypertension of bronchopulmonary origin, and 20 patients with essential hypertension with identical stage and degree at the age of 56.5±4.12. Results. It was observed that chronic obstructive disease complicates the course of hypertension by peripheral hemodynamics deterioration and increases in systolic blood pressure in the pulmonary circulation leading to cardiac remodeling. A number of positive effects of L-arginine used in combination therapy in patients with arterial and pulmonary hypertension was established. They included the hypotensive effect of hemodynamic preparations, decreased number of patients with a night –peaker and non-dipper profiles, improved ventilation and gas exchange, index Tifno value increasing and reducing pulmonary hypertension. Conclusions. L-arginine, used in combination therapy in patients with hypertension accompanied by chronic obstructive disease, induces potentiation of antihypertensive therapy, improvement of bronchial patency and normalization of circadian blood pressure profiles.


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