Galician Medical Journal

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Vol 25 No 4 (2018)
Published December 30, 2018

Research Article

Mykola Osyrovskyy, Mariana Olegivna Kulynych-Miskiv, Iryna Savelikhina, Valentina Goncharuk, Ksenia Ostrovska
The influence of basic treatment with tiotropium bromide of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease stage II on the morpho-functional state of bronchial mucosa and the level of type IV collagen in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid.
Lilian Ebele Chris-Ozoko, Prof, Onome Okpe, Wilson Josiah Iju, John Chukwuma Oyem
Histomorphological Effects of Cottonseed Oil on Testes in Adult Male Wistar Rats
Tetiana Pavliuk, Mykola Rozhko
The Analysis of Some Indicators of Oxidative Student’s Stress with An Initial-i Stage of Generalized Periodontitis
Omar Mourafiq, Youssef Benyias, Hicham Benomar, Valery Kamenan, Jalal Boukhriss, Bouchaib Chefry, Ahmed Salim Bouabid, Driss Bencheba, Moustapha Boussouga
Interest of Surgical Treatment of Per-Trochanteric Fractures by Gamma Nail: About 100 Cases
Khrystyna Oleksyn, Mykola Rozhko
Use of Modern Methods of Diagnostic of Occlusal Disorders in Patients with Carious Disease
Galyna Mateyko, Maryana Matvisiv
Course of HBV-infection in HIV-infected and HIV-non-infected Pregnant women
Nazar Sagan
Formation of Structural Components of Masticatory Muscles in Postnatal Ontogenesis and Their Changes in Experimental Iodine Deficiency
Andrii Protsyk
Clinical Peculiarities of the Mixed-Invasion of Giardiasis and Ascariasis
Tetiana Vivcharenko, Mykola Rozhko
Changes in the Dynamics of Treating Patients with Generalized Periodontitis and Hypertension Depending on the Method of Treatment
Nadia Tokaryk, Andriy Yurakh, Ilona Pukach, Halyna Yurakh, Anatoliy Dmytrenko
Reorganization of Intraorganic Blood Vessels of the Bladder in Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
Vadim Ratchik, Oleksandr Babii, Natalia Prolom, Boris Shevchenko
Diagnostics and Minimally Invasive Surgery for Achalasia Cardia
Oleksandr Bulbuk, Associate Professor, Olena Bulbuk, Mykola Rozhko, Prof.
The Method of Diagnosis and Systematization Defects of Dental Hard Tissues
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